CEI·MAR was founded on 12 December, 2012, with the purpose of becoming the governing body of the Campus of International Excellence of the Sea, and the hub around which universities, research institutions and social agents in Andalusia, south Portugal and north Morocco can gather. CEI·MAR’s fundamental aims are to create an academic, scientific, entrepreneurial and innovative environment and to promote education and research in different areas of specialisation concerning the sea.

Likewise, Fundación CEI·MAR aims to foster the transference of the knowledge thus generated within the field of research, and also to ensure that the activities carried out on the campus of International Excellence revert to society, and that special attention is paid to scientific, teaching, entrepreneurial and social issues.

Fundación CEI·MAR is carefully organised and advised by the best marine scientists; in terms of economic management, the foundation is efficient, and offers fiscal advantages to private firms wishing to take advantage of the transference of knowledge in relation to the sea environment in southern Europe.